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Welcome    to    my    phonecards    Page


Hi my friends 
If you try to find a good swapper
 you are on the correct place.
I like to swap Greek  phonecards 
with international  phonecards that I  have not yet in my collection.
please send me e-mail to have your next good swap! 
Please Visit also my new page
My address is Vasileios spanos
              Eptapyrgou 10
              GR-16232 VYRON
 My telephon cellular number is +306948180975 send me please message 


My international swap list
My Greek Swap List
Look The cards I have in My collection!
Visit My good friends homepage's

This page has been visited many times from 17 may 1998 when it is created But because tripod reset my counter I add a new date times from 17 October 2000.